Our clients

Shipping suppliers for oil rigs and ships in transit, we can supply you with everything you need aboard: food, hygiene, cleaning and technical products (Shell Mobil oils, chandlery, security and individual safety or protective equipment).
Specialists in catering, we can supply you with bulk packaged foods and non-foodstuff items (vegetables, fries, frozen meats & fish), 5/1 canned good range, etc.).
We offer a complete supermarket and delicatessen product range (national and store brands, discount items) as well as all the equipment necessary to run your shops (refrigerated windows, shelving, cases, and the like). You can profit from our expertise and our set-up, merchandising, and sales advice for your points of sale.
Wholesale Importers
As a partner to over 200 suppliers, we are able to provide you with consumer goods (dry, fresh, frozen and non-foodstuff goods) among which many major brand names (Rauch, Candia, Mappa, Spontex, Tigex, Byphasse, Corona …).
The French Army has entrusted us for its foodstuff and non-foodstuff provisions, as well as specific requests such as survival rations, and so on.

Our customers are pleased

Jean-Luc R.
Shipchandling / Congo
Olex is one of the most efficient providers in our supply chain. Its responsiveness, professionalism and adaptability are clearly a necessary link in our shipchandling activities in Africa. Beyond mere client-supplier exchanges, our relationship has changed over the years to a highly reliable partnership, an inescapable characteristic for the longevity and development of our sales and business.
Georges R.
Wholesale importer and owner of supermarkets in Ghana, Niger Burkina Faso.
Customized, professional service thanks to a serious and friendly team. Olex is the first supplier to whom I turn when I need to meet my customers’ demanding expectations.
Jean-Luc L.
Shipchandling, Catering, Supermarkets / Gabon
The proactive work carried out by all of your teams has allowed us to offer a range of products adapted to our customers’ needs. We will continue to call upon your services in the coming years.